Menatl Health/Domestic violence
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Monday, 06 May 2013 15:03

Mental distress and breakdown emerges from social, psychological and physical factors, and African's mental health is deeply affected by the social, economic and political context in which they live. This is further compounded by oppression on the basis of race, culture, disability, sexual orientation, age and class. These variables must be taken into account in any therapeutic work undertaken with Africans in this client group.

In light of this and with a disturbing increase in the numbers of victims of domestic violence seeking help, ACID’s Mental Health and Domestic Violence Project was set up to develop a counselling and psychological support service for Africans. It aims to offer individual and group therapy for Africans by Africans informed by a view of African's psychology which places it within the appropriate social, economic, cultural and political context. Through this project we aim to focus on preventative measures looking at stress and risk factors that are root causes or participatory in causing mental health problems. Through our Mental Health / Domestic Violence project we have focused on providing advice, referrals and information to Africans and the general public on domestic violence as it relates to Africans and women in particular. We will work with various agencies and developed links with other African organisations working in this field. We will also give public talks and workshops on the issue, and consultative meetings with Africans in social care and mental health institutions

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