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The Africa Centre for Information and Development (ACID) is a development organisation and registered in Norway as a charity organisation, set up in 2005 by Africans resident in Norway.  Africa Center for Information and Development is founded to create space for Africans and people of African Descents, to organise autonomously, identify issues of concern to them and speak for themselves.

ACID aims to provide development services for  Africans and people of African descent, to serves as a resource and research forum on Africa and people of African descent, and provides a platform for them to participate in policy and decision making.  ACID has an Executive Board of Nine.

ACID strives to provide solidarity, support, awareness, and to build links with Africans active in the areas of their own development. African groups need avenues to place their own issues on the development agenda, and this is why we aim to strengthen links with African groups in Africa and other parts of Scandinavia. We believe in networking as a vital developmental tool for increased awareness and self-actualisation of Africans.

ACID is founded by two people Ndey Jobarteh and Omar Drammeh after a series of discussion in 2003, Cham Joof and Mamadi Jobarteh were contact and they share the same vision. It took series of discussions, meetings and consultation. In the years they have been living in Norway, they recognised the need for autonomous networks of Africans based in Norway and other parts of Scandinavia, for the exchange of information, resource exchange, skills and expertise sharing, all of which contribute to the empowerment of Africans.  In this way, Africans can develop an innovative a non Eurocentric framework for analysing the role of Africans in Norway, other parts of Scandinavia and in Africa. We can also provide a base for the large amount of expertise and skill of African Migrants. We also see the need to strengthen links in urban and rural communities in our countries of origin, amongst people who are the hardest hit by the economic policies in developing countries

Vision, Mission & Objectives


A world in which there is social, economic and political autonomy for  Africans and all people  of African Decents,regardless of race, gender, religion  or sexual orientation.


ACID is an African international non-governmental development organisation based in Norway. Coordinating local, regional and international initiatives, ACID serves as a mobilising , networking, information, advocacy and training forum for Africans, building their leadership capacities to influence policy and decision making. ACID does this by:

· Building the leadership capacities of Africans and their organizations

· Networking and consulting on  local, regional and international levels

· Marketing the skills, expertise and creativity of Africans.

· Mobilising and  empowering  Africans.

· Challenging racist stereotypes by emphasizing positive images of Africans.


ACID’s objectives are to:

· respond to the development needs of Africans in Norway and other parts of Scandinavia.

· address issues that affect Africans in Norway, other parts of Scandinavia and Africa, through advocacy, information and solidarity

· provide a platform for Africans to participate in policy and decision making

· give space to Africans to share their views and perspectives

· market the skills, expertise and creativity of Africans.

· carry out research on issues affecting Africans and disseminate the results of such research

· Mobilise, empower and sensitise Africans.

· Provide library and resource facilities for research on Africa and Africans.


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